Ted The Vote Or Die: The Poetry Poll Of The Century

My fellow Americans, today is your chance to be heard. It’s time to embrace real change you can’t disbelieve your way out of. There are many important questions we must ask as citizens of the literary community; this is one of them. Your voice matters. Your vote matters. Be a standup literary citizen and please choose to vote below.

UPDATE 11/7/14: The polls have been closed, the votes have been tallied, and the winner has been decided. Congratulations to Jim Behrle, who, due to a precisely-run campaign, a little bit of gerrymandering, and a large amount of voter fraud, has been declared the winner and the most worthless poet. Congrats Jim, for you have now officially “peaked.” Look for my in-depth examination to be posted in a short while.

UPDATE 2: Jim Behlre has delivered his lackluster acceptance speech. Watch it below.

Jim Behrle, Ted Hash-Berryman, Poetry

Ted Hash-Berryman, Poetry, Poets

Choose Wisely

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