Episode II: The Tedpire Strikes Back

What language is capable of is yet to be understood, yet, to be understood is to be capable of what language is.

The barrier in the way of communicating understanding through language is the ego. The barrier in the way of discerning objective truth is ideology. By adhering to an open, strictly nonviolent, willpower-enforced, just lifestyle, we are capable of dissolving both of these barriers. My goal as an artist and activist is the coalescence of human imagination under the banner of truth.

It is time to address the limitations of my approach thus far. It is time to evolve. I have achieved a fair level of success in the realm of disruption, both online and in-person, and there may exist the necessity for further destruction in the future; however, the time for rebuilding is nigh.

It is time to build a true community, in every sense of the word; we can no longer allow our peers to get away with appropriating the ideas of ‘community’ and ‘art’ for purposes of self-gain. It has been clear for some time that the glass foundation upon which the literary and art subcultures are built is inadequate to support real progress. The systems within which we have been imprisoned are crumbling around us. We must become architects of the future and build our own salvation.

Won’t you join me?

Ted Hash-Berryman, Poetry, Poetry Foundation, Poet, Poem

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” -Ted Hash-Berryman

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