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Praise for Ted Hash-Berryman

“Nice work.” — Anselm Berrigan

“You are hilarious.” — Matthew Zapruder

“This is as good as it gets.” — Joseph Hutchinson

“Love your tweets!” — Dorothea Lasky

“I really like your website” — John Sakkis

“Wow, I read your essay […] I am speechless” — Sparrow

“I liked your response.” — Eileen Myles

“I’ve enjoyed your internet presence.” — Rebecca Hazelton

“I like yr truth troll ish.” — Andrew Shuta

“Thanks, Dr. Hash-Berryman, for raising this issue in your literary community.” — Amy Mihyang Ginther, Vocal Context

“I’ve shared your message with Billy Collins, and I’m afraid that he has declined the invitation to participate in this program.” — Eliza Fischer, Billy Collins’ Agent

“Yr twitter blows, btw. Write a good poem. Impress me. You’re boring.” — Michael Robbins

“Good luck.” — Jim Behrle

“You bastard!” — Rauan Klassnik

“Not doin’ it, Teddy” — Patricia Lockwood

“Amazing that trolls desire love from poets. #pathetic” — Kenneth Goldsmith

“What kind of goat? I swear I don’t remember the goat at all.” — CA Conrad

“An anonymous troll whose explicit desire is to harm poets in any way that he can” — Sandra Simonds

“I know this is what he wants, to traumatize people” — Sandra Simonds

“Probably some middle aged pathetic white guy with no life and can’t write a poem to save his damned life” — Sandra Simonds

Praise for Soft Opening

“Very cool poetry presentation. We like the marriage of visual art and poetry.” — Jason Cook, Ampersand Books

“Very amazing” — Richard Kenney

“Struck by the images, especially of the ice-encased grass. Hash-Berryman is capable of intensity in many forms, a needed artistic gift.” — Dan Beachy-Quick

“Fine work” — Nik De Dominic

“I am especially drawn to the open field poetics informing such poems of Hash-Berryman’s as ‘A Good Taunt’ and ‘Internet Presence.'” — Richard Deming

“Wow!” — Mike Topp

“I like Soft Opening.” — Jim Behrle

Praise for Charles Gimic

“I’m floored by it. Electric, spiraling, kaleidoscopic.” — EJ Koh

“This is brilliant.” — Bruce Covey

“Clever :)” — Surazeus

“[Charles Gimic] particularly resonated with me.” — Luke Turner


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